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2 blockchain app to earn cryptocurrency

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Best blockchain app to earn cryptocurrency

Best 2 blockchain app to earn cryptocurrency

Are you looking for an app to earn digital money? Don't fall for fake apps on play store that claims to allow you to mine cryptocurrency through your phone. At this time even PC has become ineffective for mining,  it would be very stupid to believe that your phone can mine Bitcoin.


Two genuine blockchain apps to earn cryptocurrency



storm play- blockchain app to earn cryptocurrency


Owned the real company behind the storm coin. It is a genuine app that started in 2017 pays you Bolt for doing a simple task such as downloading apps, surveys, and quizzes. Bolt is the in-app currency which you can convert to Bitcoin, Ethereum or Storm coin when you have reached the minimum withdraw limit. 

To withdraw as storm coin you will have to have 187500 bolt which is roughly 83 storm coin. You also get 20% bonus if you withdraw as storm coin.


storm play- blockchain app to earn cryptocurrency

Apart from the task, you can also claim 500 bolt for free every 30 minutes. You can even boost your timer for a small cost and claim every 10minutes


storm play- blockchain app to earn cryptocurrency

The paywent is done every wednesday.


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Electroneum app- blockchain app to earn cryptocurrency


Also owned the company who founded the Electroneum coin. Electroneum app is the pseudo mining app for mobile phones. It is just made to introduce its user to crypto mining. The mobile miner runs on the phone and over time you will earn real electroneum.

How does it work?

The mobile phone doesnt actually mine the coin instead they benchmark your device and allocate it with hashrate that would be able to achieve if it were actually mining. so you will be allocated the amount of ETN you would receive if you actually mined a block.

Why doesn't it mine with your phone?

Remember when I said the idea of mining with a phone is stupid, here is why?

Phones are not meant for mining due to the complex calculation required to perform actual crypto mining your phone would overheat very quickly and potentially damage your hardware so electroneum is giving us a mining experience without having to set up mining software etec. this I think i really good on their part and having used their app i have no doubt they are genuine with ther work.


Electroneum app- blockchain app to earn cryptocurrency




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This is the 2 best and trusted blockchain app to earn cryptocurrency for free.

Never download any app that claims to mine coins with your phone, you will risk losing your phone with no gain whatsoever. I have seen plenty of such apps and many games have also appeared that claims to reward cryptocurrency, I don't think it really worth it when you are constantly bombarded with ads with very small rewards. Most cases such apps are fake and will not even pay after investing so much time.

Have I missed any app like this? let me know in the comment.

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