Jan 28, 2019, 3:44:39 AM

Ternion Airdrop - Reward 12 TRN tokens ~$ 26 + ref

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Ternion Airdrop is worth up to 2 TRN tokens (~$ 4.34) for the first 5.000 participants. Share your referral link to earn 0.2 TRN tokens (~$ 0.43) for every referral.

About Ternion

Ternion is a hybrid digital asset that combines the risk-averse nature of a diversified investment vehicle with the reliable liquidity of a reserve currency. It aims to build a reliable bridge to connect modern financial realities with the blockchain-based finance systems of the future, creating a tangible path for innovation crypto finance. Ternion is rated 3.7/5 on ICO Bench.

How to join Ternion Airdrop?

1. Go to the Ternion Airdrop form
2. Register for the Ternion platform, by creating an account.
3. Verify your mail & Login to your account.
4. Join Ternion on Telegram  (+1 TRN)
5. Follow Ternion on Twitter & Like/Retweet the pinned Tweet (+0.5 TRN)
6. Follow Ternion on Facebook & Like/Share the last Post. (+0.5 TRN)
7. Comment & Upvote the Ternion post
8. Submit your details to the Airdrop form.
9. Share your referral link to earn more TRN tokens.
10. The rewards will be distributed to your Ternion account after the end of ICO.

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#Airdrop #Ternion #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin